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Alimoglu Health and Education Foundation Established

As the Alimoglu Family, we have been serving public health by developing additive-free and natural nutritional support products under the umbrella of Orzaks Pharmaceuticals and Nuvita Pharmaceuticals since 2004. We also know how big a role education and science play in the future of a society, as well as human health. In this direction, we […]

Orzaks Pharmaceuticals continues to grow rapidly!

Orzaks Pharmaceuticals, which was established in 2004 to offer natural products and nutritional supplements in the field of health with the coming together of pharmacists, physicians, and investors, became a 60% partner of NBT Pharmaceuticals, one of the fastest-growing and reliable companies in the sector. NBT Pharmaceuticals is a company that has marketed its products […]

As Orzaks Pharmaceutical, we always support the arts!

The 4th International Red Crescent Short Film Festival, performed December 2-5, ended with the award ceremony, of which Orzaks Pharmaceutical is one of the sponsors. On the night when the movie “Death Locked Out”, directed by Amirr Karami, received the Best Film Award; Orzaks Pharmaceutical Chairman of the Board of Directors Pharmacist Selman Alimoğlu presented […]

New Investment From Orzaks Medicine

Orzaks Medicine became a partner with Palmiye Medicine that one of the reliable company of the sector. Orzaks Medicine will share its knowledge and experience with Palmiye Medicine and contribute to its development by supporting it financially. Orzaks Medicine is continuing its rapid growth in the OTC sector purchased 75% of Palmiye Medicine, which has […]