Human Resources

That separates Orzaks from working in another company, Our Common Values

As Human Resources employees, we work with the goal of “being a leading employer” in Orzaks, knowing that our most valuable resource is human. We aim to bring the best to Orzaks by developing our values ??that enable us to be an institution that everyone wants to take part in.

… We are hiring Orzaks, not the position.
… We hire people with more competence and capacity than the position requires.
… Not the jobs that people can do best; we place them in jobs that they can develop the most.
… We often use rotations in Orzaks to support individual development.
… We aim to increase the business orientation and visionary of the people with the teams established between divisions in Orzaks.
… In Orzaks, we implement in-Orzaks training programs to support individual development.
… At Orzaks, we prefer to train our managers from within Orzaks.

As Human Resources professionals, we are the business partners of all other divisions and career counseling of all employees. Our goal is to maintain and increase the value we add to our company in line with Orzaks business priorities.

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