Nasovan Hypertonic – Alkaline Sterile Nasal Spray

NASOVAN that is  with its high pH (alkaline) and salt content inspired by the water of Lake Van, the world’s largest soda lake, helps to provide nasal hygiene.

Nasovan an alkaline-hypertonic nasal spray, helps to preserve the integrity of the natural environment in the nose. It has 100 ml tube spray and 25 ml mini spray forms to provide hygiene by washing the nose.

NAME Tube Spray Content Contents of Non-Pressure Dosing Mini Spray
NASOVAN Nasal Spray 100 ml. Alkaline Hypertonic Sterile Water 25 ml. Alkaline Hypertonic Sterile Water
Recommendation For Use: It is recommended to apply 3,4 times a day, as 2 sprays in both nostrils.