150 ml Syrup

Honey and orange flavored.

Ocean Multi is a food supplement developed for children. Ocean Multi contains 11 vitamins, 5 minerals and omega 3. Ocean Multi does not contain colorant, sweetener, artificial flavorant. Omega 3 in the content of Ocean Multi is obtained from the body oils of small breed fish living in clean and cold waters, away from heavy metals. Fish are collected in accordance with sustainable fishing methods. The oils obtained from fish are purified by molecular distillation and high deodorization techniques, using purely mechanical methods. Chemical solvents are not used during production, only mechanical methods are preferred. The quality and content guarantee of omega 3 in Ocean Multi content is analyzed by International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS). Ocean Multi was awarded the outstanding flavor award at the the gold medal at the International Taste Institute and the gold award at the Singapore Taste Awards and the America Taste Awards.