Orzaks Pharmaceuticals continues to grow rapidly!

Orzaks Pharmaceuticals, which was established in 2004 to offer natural products and nutritional supplements in the field of health with the coming together of pharmacists, physicians, and investors, became a 60% partner of NBT Pharmaceuticals, one of the fastest-growing and reliable companies in the sector.

NBT Pharmaceuticals is a company that has marketed its products in the OTC field with the slogan “Health is in our nature!” in 2012, and has a diverse product range in the fields of probiotics, vitamins & minerals, herbal extracts, women’s health, and pediatrics.

With this strategic partnership, Orzaks Pharmaceuticals will contribute to the rapid growth of NBT Pharmaceuticals by supporting it financially while sharing its knowledge and experience in the sector.

We will continue to lead the industry by developing new strategies with Orzaks Pharmaceuticals’s strong product portfolio, extensive working area, sectoral knowledge, and NBT Pharmaceuticals’s rapid growth potential.