Alimoglu Health and Education Foundation Established

As the Alimoglu Family, we have been serving public health by developing additive-free and natural nutritional support products under the umbrella of Orzaks Pharmaceuticals and Nuvita Pharmaceuticals since 2004.

We also know how big a role education and science play in the future of a society, as well as human health. In this direction, we have been in cooperation with various non-governmental organizations from past to present, both as family members and institutionally. From now on, we have decided to continue our volunteering services gather under a single roof and within a corporate structure. In line with this decision, we declare that we have established the “Alimoglu Health and Education Foundation”.

The aim of “Alimoglu Health and Education Foundation” is to carry out activities for the benefit of humanity in the fields of health, education, science, social assistance, culture and art. “Alimoglu Health and Education Foundation” has many operational goals in the field of health and education. It is aimed to open educational institutions in the field of health, to provide applied education opportunities to students studying in these institutions, to provide students with all kinds of support and employment opportunities in domestic and international education.

“Alimoğlu Health and Education Foundation” wishes to contribute to our society, which it supports in the fields of health and education, with social assistance. Social assistance will be provided to those in need at home and abroad in accordance with their situation, and cooperation will be made with relevant foundations and associations when necessary. At the same time, our foundation; in the fields of science, medicine, art and culture; In addition to research and development activities, it will organize seminars, panels, congresses, symposiums, conferences, exhibitions, etc.

We wish to have a share in the health and, of course, the future of our country through the “Alimoglu Health and Education Foundation”. We believe that with the support of education and science, culture and art, healthy generations and very valuable gains will be achieved.